JM Netherlands

Member: 1947

JM Holland activities include school concerts, public concerts and workshops.

A highlight among its activities for young audiences is "Kunstschooldag", (Art School Day) held annually in Amsterdam. This multicultural initiative, co-produced with Stichting JAM, is the largest one-day arts events for school children in the world! This event provides the opportunity for 8.000 children from Amsterdam Basic Schools to travel to the center of the town by public transport to visit different art institutes- museums, concert halls and theatres. Performances, concerts and tours are organized In each location to familiarize the students with the cultural building. More than 50 institutes participated in the 2007 Art School Day, including the Rijksmuseum, van Gogh Museum, Beurs van Berlage, Paradiso, Melkweg and Concertgebouw. By gaining different impressions of the arts world, it is hoped that it will be a beginning for the young people's future and further involvement in the big world of Arts!

The most recent project of JM Holland, "Bollywood Bijlmer" is a co-production of a short music and dance movie of 40 minutes based on the traditional Bollywood movies from India. More than 40 young people aged 16 to 20 years old from the schools in the South East part of Amsterdam developed the production alongside a professional crew.

JM Holland collaborates regularly with Music Crossroads Southern Africa (MCSA) supporting and promoting African artists in the Netherlands, most recently welcoming Malawi's Konga Vibes, winning band of the IRF 2006 Mozambique.

JM Netherlands

Jeugd en Muziek Holland

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The Netherlands

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