JM Norway

Founded: 1970 | Member: 1970 | Local sections: 4

JM Norway is the Norwegian section of Jeunesses Musicales International and upholds JMI's vision of furthering youth exchanges and development through music, across borders. The organisation was founded in 1970 under the name Musikk og Ungdom (Music and Youth) and was at the time a part of the organisation Musikk i Skolen (Music in school). In 2009 Musikk og Ungdom became an independent organisation and in 2014 changed its name to JM Norway.

JM Norway aims to be a contact network for both national and international musicians, students and young professionals; enable the participation of Norwegian musicians in international ensembles/projects; support the development of international projects inside Norway; use music as a tool for building intercultural dialogue, contributing to the personal development of both audiences and performers; and organize musical experiences and musical activities for children and youth. JM Norway is involved in a wide array of projects for young musicians including, but not limited to, MOVE, Ethno Norway, LOUD! – bandcamp for girls, and MUA – music activities for young asylum-seekers. 

JM Norway is at the forefront of developing a national network of organizations and projects providing high quality music activities and opportunities to professional and semi-professional young musicians. This network aims to coordinate the work within the field and initiate new projects and collaborations.

JM Norway

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