JM Poland

Member: 2012

For nearly 30 years JMI has been the biggest and most exceptional center of youth and music in Poland. Thousands of projects done on local, national and international level changed lifes of many and still are unforgettable for those who took part in it. During those days, the JM was an exceptional opportunity for youth - it allowed musicians to travel abroad and master their abilities through all, even political, boundaries. It fulfilled its mission perfectly.

There is much more than great memories of the past. After the interlude caused by historical transformation in the 90's, the JMI is back in Poland. The great potential of polish musicians, reinforced by dedicated administrative crew is here not only to bring back the great tradition, but to do it the new way. And change some lives through music once again.

JM Poland

Jeunesses Musicales Poland

Mahatmy Gandhiego 27/48 
02-645 Warsaw

P: +48 605 225 849