JM Portugal

Founded: 1948 | Member: 1949 | Local sections: 2

It was in 1947 that the idea of creating a Jeunesses Musicales association in Portugal arose through the efforts of Humberto d'Ávila and Joly Braga Santos. A commission was formed and while waiting for its acceptance, various activities were organized: concerts, recitals, conferences and commented phonographic auditions. Finally, JM Portugal was founded in July 1948.

JM Portugal currently organizes a series of activities, such as courses in music and instruments, edition of books, recitals and concerts, including the International Organ Festival, that every year takes place in Lisbon. For this year's, 10th International Organ Festival of Lisbon, JM Portugal invited Kristian Olesen and Joris Verdin to coordinate two master classes in organ and harmonium. Now in its tenth year, the International Organ Festival of Lisbon has seen 112 organ concerts, drawing audiences of more than 6,000 people per year.

Since the 2nd to the 16th November 2007, JM Portugal is also looking forward to the XX-XXI MusicAçores Contemporary Music Festival, which is now taking place on the nine islands of Azores. It is the first time that Azores is to host a contemporary music festival.

JM Portugal

Juventude Musical Portuguesa

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