JM Spain

Founded: 1952 | Member: 1952 | Local sections: 61

JM Spain organizes more than 1,200 concerts annually.

Having celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2007, JM Spain has dedicated itself to the promotion of young talents and the spread of classical music amongst children, young people and adults.

One of JM Spain's main activities is a national competition, the "Concurso Permanente de Jóvenes Intérpretes". The laureates have access to a series of tours throughout the country and participate in exchanges with Spanish, European and/or Latin-American competitions, festivals and concert organisers.

Another major activity of JMS is the CD Collection "Jóvenes Intérpretes" which offers our best prize-winners the opportunity to kickstart their recording careers. Other national activities include collaborations with festivals, competitions organized by our network of local associations and the organization of music camps.

On a national level, JM Spain offers school concerts and public concerts.

JM Spain is organized into sub organizations, which coordinate their activities locally and regionally and expand the capillarity of the network.

JM Spain

Juventudes Musicales de España

Espacio EDA SGAE  C/ Abdón Terradas, 4, 3ª
28015 Madrid

T: +34 91 053 31 31