JM Switzerland

Founded: 1945 | Member: 1949 | Local sections: 14

Jeunesses Musicales Switzerland (JMS) promotes youth and music throughout the national territory since 1948.

Annually, the 14 member sections offer a wide variety of activities such as series of concerts, orchestra workshops, theatre, music classes and also competitions.

All these activities mainly focus on classical music although some others are more related to jazz, improvisation and contemporary music.

These events are coordinated by the central secretariat, whose headquarters in Geneva also offer the following projects:

  • Orchestra workshop for children and teenagers
  • Geneva Brass Festival
  • Finally Bassoon

    JM Switzerland

    Jeunesses Musicales Suisse

    Rue Merle d'Aubigné 25
    CH-1207 Geneva

    T: +41-22-786 32 73
    F: +41-22-786 32 73