JM Turkey

Founded: 1940 | Member: 2004

The aim of JM Turkey is to raise consciousness among youth, to promote and develop the international polyphonic music in Turkey. The Foundation realises activities and projects in the following areas: promotion of Turkish composers, archiving and recording of the Turkish compositions, organizing polyphonic music concerts, publishing of music books, scholarships for music students, supporting competitions on polyphonic music, organizing academic meetings and seminars, organizing the International Ankara Music Festival, music training for children and youngsters, and approaching social problems through music.

JM Turkey is deeply involved in "music and community work": a pilot project that deals with children with limited access to music, and in the "Starting and Spreading Music Education Early Ages" - started with the "Akyurt Children Choir" in 1994.
Since June 2005, World Music Days are organized in different points in Ankara. They target young people musicians and audiences under the mission of "Music everywhere for everybody".

JM Turkey is an organizer of the Ankara Music Festival, the largest annual music event in Turkey's capital, which saw its 24th edition this year. Organized by Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation this festival (4-30 April, 2007) presented many different genres of music including classical, jazz, flamenco, tango and many more.

JM Turkey is also involved in publishing. Every year, two or three books are printed which deal with significant issues concerning the music culture in Turkey. All publications are unique, specifically those dedicated to artists who have received awards from the organization.

JM Turkey

Sevda-Cenap And Müzik Vakfi

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