Founded: 1963 | Member: 2010

Founded: 1963
JMI Member since: 2010
Genres: contemporary Classical, Folk/Traditional, World

Konserttikeskus (Concert Centre Finland) is a non-profit association established in 1963. Its aim is to arrange tours of high-quality concert programs for children in a wide variety all over Finland, mainly in public schools and kindergartens. Konserttikeskus organizes concert tours around Finland.

The audience is children and young people. Konserttikeskus also creates concert productions and develops new forms and concepts for musicians to meet children and young people. In addition to concerts music related workshops are an important part of the activities. Konserttikeskus also organizes school concert festivals. The number of organized concerts and other events varies annually between 1200 and 1700, with 150 000–200 000 children taking part in the activities of the association


Runeberginkatu 4a C 9,
00100 Helsinki, Finland

T: +358 50 463 6782
E: konserttikeskus@konserttikeskus.fi 
W: www.konserttikeskus.fi