League of American Orchestras

Founded: 1942 | member: 2013

Founded in 1942 , and chartered by Congress in 1962, the League of American Orchestras leads, encourages, and supports America’s orchestras while communicating to the public the value and importance of orchestras and the music they perform. The League’s vision is to be a transformative and unifying force for the orchestra field — a catalyst for understanding and innovation, a place for conversations that matter, and a champion for orchestras.

The League provides a wealth of services, meaningful information, learning and leadership opportunities, and grass-roots advocacy to its diverse membership, which encompasses nearly 1,000 member symphony, chamber, youth, and collegiate orchestras of all sizes, and links a national network of thousands of instrumentalists, conductors, managers, board members, volunteers, staff members, and business partners.

League of American Orchestras

League of American Orchestras

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