Live Music in Schools - Levende Musik i Skolen

Founded: 1992 | Member: 2008

LMS (Levende Musik i Skolen) is a non-profit organization that aims to offer high quality live music to schools all over Denmark. This is done through school concerts, classroom visits by musicians and composers and other activities, that give the pupils a deeper understanding of the professional music scene. LMS also gathers and distributes information on school concerts and related topics, publishes a free quarterly newsletter, initiates experiments, develops new concepts in the field, arranges conferences and related activities. Internationally LMS has established contacts in many European countries and has co-operated on projects with other Scandinavian countries.

Live Music in Schools

Levende Musik i Skolen

Vester Alle 15
8000 Århus C

T: +45 86 19 45 70
F: +1 604 688 1152