Founded: 2006 | Member: 2023

Founded in 2006, Louhimo is a children's cultural centre specialising in music and circus activities, operated by the cultural services of the City of Seinäjoki. The main operating area of Louhimo includes Seinäjoki, Ilmajoki and Kurikka. Some of Louhimo’s activities are carried out across the province of Southern Ostrobothnia or as national projects also in other parts of Finland. Louhimo's goal is to provide children and young people with pleasant musical and cultural experiences and to leave an impression that will encourage them to pursue such activities throughout their lives. Louhimo’s main target groups include children, young people and families, as well as schools and early childhood education centres. The goal is that, through Louhimo's activities, even more children and young people will be able to create and experience culture and art.


Children’s Cultural Centre Louhimo

Nyykoolinkatu 25, 60100 Seinäjoki - Finland

T: +358408270657  
E: louhimo@seinajoki.fi 
W: https://www.louhimo.com