Music Basti

Founded: 2008 | Member: 2014

Music Basti envisions a world where the universal rights of all children are recognized and practiced, and where all children have the opportunity to pursue arts, especially music and media for learning and education. The mission is to raise the voices of at-risk children and youth through arts, in particular through music and media, and consequentially the local and global consciousness on child rights and on ending poverty.

Set up in mid 2008, “Music Basti” is a community-centered project working with at-risk children and youth, in Delhi, India. The project is led and managed by musicians, as well as through a network of volunteers. Activities are implemented and conducted in collaboration with existing child welfare, education or rehabilitation centers, with the joint aim to engage musicians with at-risk children and youth in music and art projects in order to develop and enhance their life skills, especially self-confidence, communication, creativity and cooperation, through participative group music learning projects.

Music Basti

Pragatee Foundation
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