Outhentic Foundation

Founded: 2018 | Member: 2020

The love for music and Bulgarian folklore laid the foundation for forming the ethno/jazz/world band Outhentic in 2012. Since then, Outhentic has visited many countries all over the world, played on various scenes, contacted interesting people and diverse cultures, learned a lot and gained valuable experience. There have been many participations in the course of the past 5 years on various Bulgarian and international forums and festivals. Some of them include Ethno Flanders 2013 (Belgium), Apriltsi Inspires Art Festival 2014, Ethno Sweden 2015 (Sweden), 12th edition of the European Night of Museums 2016 (Sliven, Bulgaria), Bansko Snowboard World Cup 2017, Mini Jazz Fest 2017 (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria), Glastonbury Festival 2017 (England).

All that opened new horizons for Outhentic, thus intensifying the desire to reveal the beauty of folklore through music in the way we perceive, feel and recreate it. Furthermore, Outhentic wants to present national traditions by using attractive and innovative methods, more easily assimilable by younger generations, thus turning them into preservers and distributors of the Bulgarian essence. That is what inspired Outhentic to establish a foundation in 2018. 

Outhentic Foundation

zh.k. Druzhba, bl. 72, vh. D, ap.95, 1592 Sofia, Bulgaria

T: +359878380080
E: info@outhentic.eu
W: https://www.outhentic.eu