Founded: 1988 | Member: 2014

PédeXumbo was created in 1998 with the aim to promote traditional music and dance. A team of professionals is dedicated to recover these cultural practices by supporting records, co-productions, artistic creation, research, training of teachers and informal courses for a variety of target audiences.

But PédeXumbo does more than just perpetuating relics.

Our objectives are to revive social habits of living the music and to reproduce traditional dances for new generations, for them to experience past customs.

At our own premises in Évora we organise regular dance and music workshops, concerts, balls and gatherings for various audiences. PX also organises festivals all over Portugal, especially the renown Andanças. We have regular dance courses together with schools and kindergartens, organise community projects for arts education and promote training activities on the various aspects of traditional dances.


Rua Eborim 16
7000-658 Évora

Correspondence Address

Apartado 2195 
7000-999 Évora

T: +351 266 732 504
E: pedexumbogeral@pedexumbo.com
W: http://pedexumbo.com/