Pop in Limburg

Member: 2018

Pop in Limburg (Limburg Pop Music Foundation) is the provincial pop dome of the province of Limburg. In collaboration with musicians, music collectives, youth centers, pop venues, festivals, education, local and regional authorities and everyone with a heart for pop music, we aim for a thriving ecosystem for pop music in our province.

Foremost is the musician, where we want to create a climate for both amateurs and professionals where there are sufficient (development) opportunities. We do this, among other things, by connecting people and organizations that are active in pop music and by stimulating cooperation. By organizing various meetings and courses for musicians and people who are not active on the stage but especially behind the scenes. By making visible and promoting Limburg pop talent and by developing and organizing various talent development programs. And finally by making the Limburg pop culture visible, also with this website.

Pop In Limburg

Mauritslaan 23 

6161 HP Geleen 

T: +31(0) 46 – 202 1360
E: info@popinlimburg.nl
W: www.popinlimburg.n