Founded: 1995 | Member: 2012

Sustenidos is a cultural social organization based in Brazil. Currently, the organization leads both “Conservatorio de Tatui” and “Complexo Theatro Municipal de São Paulo”, two cultural types of equipment that deliver art, music, and culture formation in the state of São Paulo. Both projects also deliver a diverse and bold Artistic Programme in their stages, with excellent performances starring their artistic bodies and groups. In 2019, Sustenidos launched a program for expanding musical education and collective musical practice all over Brazil, called Musicou, a brand new project that also aims to become a hub for local cultural development and creation. Sustenidos has led the Projeto Guri Program from 2004 to 2021, providing 700,000 students per year aged 6 to 18 with group lessons in music language, and theory alongside choral and instrumental classes (plucked strings, bowed strings, winds, percussion, drums, electric guitar, and bass).


Organização Social de Cultura

Fidalga Street, 92
Pinheiros –  São Paulo/SP