Regjun tal-Punet

Founded: 2022 | Member: 2024

The Regional Council Regjun tal-Punet is crucial in local governance and community development within its designated areas. It provides professional assistance to the local councils within the regions and fosters stronger partnerships to better serve the needs of its residents. The ultimate aim is to contribute to the holistic development and well-being of the region. The Western Regional Council engages in various activities to fulfil its mandate and aims to enhance the educational and cultural spheres through collaborations and partnerships with major stakeholders. In this framework, the primary targets are local and grassroots organizations that work with musicians, including children and young adults, as well as local choirs, band clubs and bands apart from singers and individual performers.

As a Regional Council, we help these organizations in expanding their network for training and enhancing their work practices. We also help them acquire knowledge and skills related to music through various projects, some of which are locally funded through the Malta Arts Council and others through EU funds. We also sustain their activities throughout the year with direct involvement in financing audio-visual hiring, props and set-ups. We also support Local Councils in helping local talents through various marketing strategies, dissemination of events and general coordination. 

Our involvement as a Region with musicians also delves into organising concerts, talent nights, plays, pageants, and other performances where local talents are given a platform to showcase. Also, we provide networking opportunities through bilateral and/or EU-funded programs.

Regjun tal-Punent

Regjun tal-Punent | Western Regional Council

Centru Kristu Raghaj, Archbishop Seminary, Virtu Street, Rabat - Malta

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