Riksfördbundet Unga Musikanter

Founded: 1978

Riksförbundet Unga Musikanter (RUM) is a nonprofit organization for children and young people who play an instrument, sing, dance or act. With 40,000 members and 400 local associations, RUM organizes a wide range of music and cultural activities in Sweden (training courses, concerts, workshops, festivals, ...). Besides, RUM also initiates discussions with authorities about issues related to music and young people and advise its members on musical, organizational and economic matters.

The association runs its own festival "Room" as well as the magazine "RUM'ba", Sweden's most popular music magazine for children and young people.

Riksfördbundet Unga Musikanter

RUM - The National Association of Young Musicians 
Slupskjulsvägen 34 
111 49 Stockholm

T: +46 77 191 91 40
E: info@rum.se 
W: www.rum.se