Roots In Tune

Founded: 2023 | Member: 2024

Roots in Tune arose from a collection of people from different origins and generations who all live in Ireland and have great curiosity, commitment and passion for traditional folk and world music. Everyone has a shared vision of learning and growing from one another and bringing the same spirit and outcome to the global folk arts community. Roots in Tune was created in 2023 to cultivate and strengthen intercultural connections, respect and understanding and to celebrate and promote cultural heritage from around the globe including music, dance, arts, crafts, literature, theatre etc.

We do this by:

  • Promoting and facilitating cultural exchange projects in Ireland and collaborating with similar international projects, nurturing diversity and inclusion, providing equal opportunities for full participation, creating global networks that inspire cultural collaboration and support professional endeavors.
  • Supporting the mobility of participants locally and abroad, building a world-wide community of engaged, diverse global citizens.
  • Championing peer-to-peer and experimental learning.
  • Developing and facilitating non-formal teaching and learning practices that are accessible, democratic and inclusive.
  • Enabling the professional development of participants, facilitators and organizers. inspiring audiences with positive, uplifting performances that demonstrate harmony between peoples and cultures, spreading values of peace, solidarity, respect and appreciation.

Roots in Tune

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