Founded: 2017 | Member: 2021

We are Songlines! The line that connects people from all walks of life together with songs. Songlines works with bridging the gaps within our society, including everyone in its project. The organisation aims to work with everyone regardless of their background, including the LGBT group and people with special needs, and practice human rights. Songlines uses music as a universal language to reach out and understand one another. Songlines mission statement is to build a community where young people are given a platform and encouraged to develop their fullest potential through music culture.

At Songlines, there are music and culture groups for youth to learn how to play different instruments, including their voices. We have orchestras and performances for the public after we have worked hard on perfecting the act. We arrange social mingles, and our Songlines Creative Camps are held several times a year with different themes. We also work with a group of young producers, light technicians and videographers to showcase our work to the world. Songlines also published a book, "Songlines - purposeful music meetings", focused on our method of working with young people through peer-to-peer learning.


Drottning Blankas väg 10 - 393 52 Kalmar - Sweden

T: +46702864200