Teatro del Lago

Founded: 2012 | Member: 2014

Teatro del Lago is a centre of artistic excellence which encourages the development of culture and creativity in education through music and art. It aims to be a benchmark at a regional, national and international level. The theatre is located in Chilean Patagonia and is wholly committed to the local community, to its traditions and the unique natural environment in which it is located.

The philosophy of the Teatro del Lago is based upon the importance of music and art in people’s lives. We firmly believe that all cultural and artistic activity enriches and improves the quality of life for the community as a whole, and that the associated educational and creative aspects are vital in the development of self-esteem, in reducing aggressiveness, improving concentration, encouraging the imagination and generating positive forms of communication in society.

Teatro del Lago currently offers more than 19,000 theatre tickets annually for educational purposes and its programme comprises around 250 performances each year in diverse artistic fields. In 2007, as part of the theatre’s educational agenda, the Casa Richter School of the Arts was opened – today it offers 25 different weekly classes and a variety of artistic workshops for the local community and visitors, to great success.

Housed in a state-of-the-art 10,000 m2 building, with an awe-inspiring natural setting and stunning architecture harmonizing perfectly with the landscape and respectful of the environment, Teatro del Lago includes the 1,178-capacity ‘Espacio Volcán Tronador – Sala Nestlé’ concert hall, an amphitheatre seating 270 and a range of other multipurpose salons and foyers, exhibition areas, rehearsal spaces, conference rooms and congress halls, the Café CapPuccini, Volcán Puntiagudo Terrace and Tower, a small open air stage and a pedestrian walkway which runs around the theatre’s perimeter over the lake.

Twelve years have passed and we are tremendously proud to have made this dream a reality, little by little and with the unfailing support of all those who believed in the project. Its main driving force today is the development of artistic excellence for the benefit of the local community, the region and the country as a whole, becoming a hub of internationally-renowned cultural, educational, artistic and tourist development.

Teatro del Lago

Av. Philippi 1000

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