Viiri Suomen Kansanmusiikkiliitto

Founded: 1968 | Member: 2017

Suomen Kansanmusiikkiliitto (Finnish Folk Music Association in english) is an association for friends of folk music, amateurs and professionals, founded in 1968. Its 19 member organisations arrange regional folk music activities around the country. The Finnish Folk Music Association arranges many kinds of activities and works for the developing of the whole folk music field in different projects. The Association has many international contacts for example with the Nordic folk music committee, the NORDLEK council and Folklore Suomi Finland.

The association runs many events, courses and music tours highlighting the organisation of Ethno Finland always with the aim of promoting Folk Finnish music.

Viiri Suomen Kansanmusiikkiliitto

Hameende 34D
00530 Helsinki

T: +358 500 431913