Call for Participants: Cultural Management Training

Join our International Youth Workshop on Cultural Management in Zagreb, Croatia

  • over 5 years ago

JM International is looking for exceptional young people (aged 18-23) from across Europe, with passion for cultural management and/or music event management to undergo an exciting training on December 10-11 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia. 

The training will be organised in the context of Imagine Festival 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia. Imagine is the all-styles music competition for young artists that takes a different approach to the typical ‘music competition’. By promoting musical quality, originality, diversity, creativity, safe-sound and gender issues, Imagine creates a unique platform for young musicians to gain professional experience in a positive environment that enables them to develop their musical careers, self confidence and understanding of different peoples and cultures. All events have an educational/social dimension including trainings, workshops and master-classes from industry professionals.

Imagine Festival 2016 will be inviting 20 young cultural managers from across Europe to under go a two-day training on music event management, with the core themes:

  • Audience Development
    (attracting new audiences, growing audiences)  
  • Gender equality in music
    (Gender considerations when planning cultural events) 
  • Lifelong Learning
    (Developing the Key Competences of young Cultural Managers)
  • Sustainable practices in cultural management
    (New Business Models, Fundraising, Public Support)  

Expected outcomes:

  • Participants should gain a solid understanding of the core issues around audience development, gender equality, life long learning and sustainable cultural practices.
  • They should gain practical knowhow, so to be able to implement these ideas in their work as young event organisers.
  • The should leave having strengthened their overall capacity to plan, identify, prepare and deliver better music events for a variety of audiences.

The training shall consist of 4 half day sessions covering a total duration of 12 hours. Accommodation, travel costs and meals are covered by the organiser. 

Deadline to apply: November 27th 2016 


The training is supported by the Creative Programme of the European Commission and BELSPO.  For more info and conditions check the full call or contact us via