Ethno Artistic Mentor Think-Up 2022 wraps up in Banyoles (Spain)

A week of music, pedagogy and exchange

  • about 1 year ago

Banyoles, Spain, July 17, 2022 – Between 10-16 July 2022, 10 global Artistic Mentors and 2 guest artists gathered in Banyoles (Spain) to discuss the role of the Ethno Artistic Mentor and offer the JMI Annual General Assembly a memorable final performance.

Following the global growth of Ethno in recent years and discussions around the increased need for training and upskilling of both new and existing Ethno Artistic Mentors, JMI selected a representative number of Mentors from all six continents and brought them together in Banyoles (Spain) to spark a dialogue and set the foundations for future Mentor training opportunities.

Facilitated by Moderator Myriam De Bonte, the group engaged in a series of sessions to break down the role of the Ethno Artistic Mentor, analyzing its core elements and identifying current and future training needs. The leads, suggestions and best practices gathered by the participants are currently being collated and will develop into a blueprint for Artistic Mentor upskilling, with a focus on accessibility and hands-on training.

Under the guidance of Artistic Coordinator Ernesto Calderón, the group of ten Mentors and two guest artists developed a previously created repertoire of traditional music from their respective countries, which added up to 8 pieces performed in front of the JMI Annual General Assembly, also gathered in Banyoles in the same week. The performance brought together musical traditions from New Zealand, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ireland/UK, Spain, India, Greece, Estonia, Chile and the United States in a vibrant union of rhythms, cultures, languages and hearts.

The entire concert was live streamed on YouTube and is currently available at this link: