Muy Caliente! JMI’s 77th annual youth-music summit takes on the hottest global challenges in Banyoles, Spain

  • about 1 year ago

Under the theme “Rhythms of Resilience”, the 77th JMI Global Conference and Annual General Assembly (AGA) braved the heat in Banyoles (Spain) from the 12th-15th July, 2022, taking a look at the biggest challenges facing youth-music sector in 2022 and how to solve them.

A journey of reflection, discovery and learning, the event highlighted measures being taken to create more resilient and sustainable cultural sector that enables children and youth to thrive, both personally and professionally.

This JMI Global was also a space to discover amazing young talented musicians from around the world. The musical lineup included: Joina (Spain), Hanke Brothers (Germany), Faith Mussa (Malawi), VIMMA (Finland), Trio Oro (Norway), Orthemis Orchestra (Spain). Whilst in Banyoles, delegates of the conference also had the opportunity to experience several superb up-and-coming artists from our hosts, JM Spain - Criatures, Alba Alsina Quintet and Cat Klezmer Trio, and JM Catalunya at the Fringe Festival in Torroella de Montgri.

The 77th JMI Global featured inspiring talks by Silja Fischer (International Music Council) and Jordi Pascual (Founding Coordinator of the Committee on Culture of the world organisation of United Cities and Local Governments), Lee Higgins & Sarah-Jane Gibson (York St. John University), Felix Barros Ribalta (Evento Medido / Measurevent), Silvia Bueso (Lecturer, trainer and coach), Jeff Bacon (Family in Music) and Ricardo van Mildert (Moon Jelly).

The conference was followed by the JMI AGA, the annual coming together of the network’s political representatives in order to discuss the future, plan new collaborations and advance the organisation's 12+ international programs. On the back of some very challenging years and with several urgent global issues still in play, the network sought to develop strategies and partnerships to keep carrying out its goal of enabling young people to develop through music across all boundaries.

New JMI Board Elected

JMI is proud to announce the new board 2022-2023. They are:

  • President: Jessie Westenholz (France)
  • Vice President: Nenad Bogdanovic (Cyprus)
  • Treasurer: Paul Soyeur (Belgiium)
  • Joelle Khayat (Lebanon)
  • Alessandra Fernandez Alvez Da Costa (Brazil)
  • David Zsoldos (Hungary
  • Faisal Kiwewa (Uganda)
  • Julien Beurms (Belgium)
  • Melody Zambuko (Zimbabwe)
  • Peng Jipeng (China)
  • Blasko Smilevski (Macedonia // JMI Executive Director - Ex-Officio)

Welcoming our newest JMI Members

The JMI General Assembly unanimously accepts Asociación Cultural Ensamble Transatlántico (Chile) and Flotsam Sessions (UK) as new Associate Members of JMI.

  • Asociación Cultural Ensamble Transatlántico (Chile):

Asociación Cultural Ensamble Transatlántico is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to develop projects of socio-cultural impact, quality, and coherence. It promotes art and culture in its different manifestations through education, extension, teaching, and research, both in its organisational, promotional and heritage approaches.

  • Flotsam Sessions (UK):

Flotsam Sessions creates exciting musical spaces where people from diverse backgrounds and experiences come together to share, express, learn and perform music. With a base in roots music from all over the world, we aim to create cross-cultural dialogue that transcends borders and creates a human space for all.

New JMI Honorary President: Rob van Waaijen

The JMI General Assembly appoints Rob van Waaijen as JMI Honorary President. Rob has served as JMI’s Treasurer, a JMI board member, a board member of the JMI Foundation board, a member of the Music Crossroads International board and a member of the WYC board, in addition to his role as director of JM Netherlands. He joins the ranks of Per Ekedahl, Pierre Goulet, Jordi Roch and Maria Tania Siver for having dedicated so much of his life to supporting our organisation with passion and love.

Next JMI Global + AGA

The 78th JMI Global in 2023 will take place in Harare, Zimbabwe in October 2023. Together with our hosts JM Zimbabwe / Music Crossroads Zimbawe, we look forward to receiving all of our members and partners.

Outcomes coming soon!

The information from the various brainstorming sessions is currently being compiled (Sep 2022) and will be released by the end of the month on