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Play It Loud! is JMI’s newest program that aims to integrate gender and inclusive practices throughout our global activities whilst organising specific music initiatives that address the structural imbalances within the youth and music sector.

In 2021, JMI kicked off the Play it Loud! Initiative with a set of local and international activities bringing together young musicians and youth and music experts from Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, North Macedonia, Cyprus, France and beyond. These activities led to the production of the Play it Loud! Handbook, a set of pedagogical and practical guidelines to promote inclusion and accessibility in youth and music projects and events.

In 2022, JMI kept working on Play it Loud! to further explore how to apply the pedagogical guidelines in practice in different local and international contexts. Here’s an overview of the activities implemented and planned in 2022! But also some great news about Play it Loud! “Crescendo” in 2023.

Loud Leadership & On-the-Job Training

From May 5th to 9th, a representation of Play it Loud! Experts took part in the “Loud leadership training” organised by JM Norway in Oslo, where they discussed intersectionality, norm critical pedagogy and practical tips and tricks to organise and facilitate Loud! Camps and workshops. The training was followed by two on-the-job training in June/July: the “Remixlab” workshop, which took place in Oslo, and the “LOUD! Band Camp'' held in Fredrikstad. On both occasions, PIL participants gained practical experience and insights in facilitating and organising music activities for young women and gender non-conforming youth.

Pilot Activities - 2nd phase

In 2021, PIL partners organised over 15 Pilot actions in their respective countries, ranging from music events to conferences, training sessions, and workshops. New pilot activities are planned between September and December to disseminate and “practice” the Play it Loud! Pedagogical approach. Among these:

  • 1x training for young musicians and music facilitators organised by Jeugd en Muziek Brussels at the end of September;
  • 1x public event and performance dedicated to female composers arranged by JM Macedonia in October;
  • 1x study visit focused on discovering intersectionality organised by Songlines at the beginning of November;

And many more!

PIL Final Conference

The events and activities planned for 2022 will culminate in a final international event organised by JM Hungary at the beginning of 2023. On this occasion, JMI will present the results of the Play it Loud! Project and create the space and opportunity to sparkle new dialogues and synergies between member organisations and external partners on diversity, inclusion and accessibility.

PIL Crescendo… stay tuned for 2023! “Play it Loud!” will continue and have the chance to expand in 2023, thanks to a new grant from the European Youth Foundation (Council of Europe). In the new yearly workplan, we intend to continue to provide training and raise awareness. On one side, we will create a PIL Pool of Trainers with trained experts able to disseminate the Play it Loud! Handbook and pedagogical approach at the local level. On the other side, we will launch a PIL Young Ambassadors Program that will contribute to increasing the representation of young women and gender non-conforming youth in the music field and provide awareness and role models to young musicians across Europe.

This new phase, “Play it Loud! Crescendo”, is open for other JMI Members and partners to join and contribute! If your organisation is from a Council of Europe country and interested in gender issues, intersectionality and inclusive pedagogical approaches, contact giulia@jmi.net for cooperation!