The Imagine International Final 2023

Get ready for the IME International Final Sat 16 Dec 2023 in the Botanique in Brussels

  • about 1 year ago

The Imagine Music Experience is back in Brussels! The acclaimed international music competition for young musicians (under 21), returns with its highly anticipated International Final that will take place on December 16, 2023 at Le Botanique. This event brings an extraordinary lineup of upcoming musical talents from 8 different countries, showcasing the next generation from Belgium, France, Hungary, North Macedonia, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Zimbabwe on the global stage.

The Imagine Music Experience (IME) International Final brings together the winning artists from 8 national competition series. Having beaten the rest they are now up against the best, these finalists represent a variety of genres and musical visions, they are: Alkaline, an alternative rock band from the Netherlands; Soundcellar, a soul and rock combination from France; Defusion, multi-genre travellers from Norway; Xion, a thrash metal band from Sweden; Ukama Band, an afro-traditional outfit from Zimbabwe; Brakwater, a garage punk trio from Belgium; Alex K, a guitar virtuoso from North Macedonia and Mádava from Hungary, who brings live electronic beats to the stage.

The Imagine Music Experience is all about empowering up-and-coming talents and connecting people through music. At Imagine, musicians develop their skills through workshops, jam sessions, professional coaching and, of course, exciting competition. For these young musicians, the IME is an immersive musical adventure that allows them to grow, learn, and connect. During their three-day stay in Brussels, they will immerse themselves in a vibrant creative environment, exchanging ideas with fellow musicians from around the world, whilst learning from top industry professionals and making connections to take their musical journeys to the next level.

The Imagine Music Experience is one of JM International’s 14 global music programs empowering young people through music. Since 1983, the Imagine Music Experience has inspired, empowered and engaged over 15,000 young musicians, including artists such as the Compact Disk Dummies, Milo Meskens, MB14, Mokoomba, the Cardigans and José González.

Brussels music-goers are in for something special on the 16th of December: a truly unique opportunity to discover these exceptionally talented, never-before-seen, young musicians live on the internationally renowned Orangerie stage at the Botanique.

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The Imagine Music Experience 2023 is sponsored by the EU Creative Europe Program, the Belgian National Lottery, BELSPO, and Roland Europe.

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