Roland Partnership Announcement

  • about 1 year ago

JM International & Roland join forces to creatively empower young musicians around the world!

JM International
is the world’s largest nonprofit making a difference through music, empowering youth and children both personally and professionally, enabling them to connect and develop through music, across all boundaries.

We are today thrilled to announce a new partnership with global instruments manufacturer Roland, whose mission it is to not only produce simple-yet-powerful tools for creativity, but to inspire people around the world with the thrill and excitement of creative experiences that surprise, delight, and stir the soul.

Together we hope to uplift young musicians around the world, by providing them with access to the creative tools and support they need in order to advance their passions, providing them with opportunities to music, videos, and more at the highest level!

The collaboration kicks off with support for JMI’s Play It Loud! and Imagine Music Experience programs, providing young musicians from 15 countries with top-level gear on which to practise, jam and perform. These JMI programs both place a special focus on equipping young girls and non-binary youth with the resources they need in order to hone their craft, experiment, express and impress.

Gearing up for Imagine!
The Imagine Music Experience International Final 2022 took place in Brussels Belgium from the 28-30th of September. JMI brought 40 talented young musicians together from Belgium, Brazil, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Sweden and Zimbabwe to the European capital and our friends from Roland have ensured that they soounded absolutely amazing.

We look forward to them sharing lots of “waku waku”* on our new Roland gear and invite you all to take a look at the event live stream.

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* In Japan, “waku waku” is the expression for the thrill and excitement of experiencing something like amazing live mus