Music can do everything.

Words of hope from our President, Jessie Westenholz

  • 11 months ago

I wonder if they realized some 80 years ago when the Utopia Jeunesses Musicales came into being that it would not only become a reality but that it would spread across the planet and, 75 years later, become our JMI of today.

As Victor Hugo so aptly put it “L’utopie est la verité de demain…” “An Utopia to make the world a better place to live”.

Today JMI associations all around the world are working to do just that, with the youth through music. However, for the last 4 months this same world has been hit by the unimaginable and each member of JMI is struggling to keep alive .

We are different and we are fulfilling our mission in many different ways. These differences are part of our strength.

My personal reply to the question “What can Music do?” is “Music can do everything!“

Should the world disappear Music will remain! And we must continue bringing Music to the Youth. Because if a change is to come from this strange episode, the change will be in the hands of the youth. And the best way to give them the strength and the power needed is to give them Music!

They might not do it in the way we have been doing it for all these years - they will recreate and reinvent and new ways in Music will come to life so that JMI can go on “Making a difference through Music”.

Thank you to the governments, private foundations and other partners that continue to support our important work.

And thanks to all of you.

We must keep on doing the job - it takes confidence, love, and Music.


Jessie Westenholz

President: JM International