Triumphant Win for the Global Music Community .MUSIC Domain Extension Awarded to DotMusic Ltd.

  • about 1 year ago

Triumphant Win for the Global Music Community .MUSIC Domain Extension Awarded to DotMusic Ltd.

On the 11th of April, the .music domain extension was awarded to the collective led under DotMusic Ltd. DotMusic won the domain name registration rights in a heavily contested competition against internet giants such as Google and Amazon. Other competitors including leading domain registries such as Donuts, MMX and Radix.

JM International (JMI), as a part of the DotMusic collective, is thrilled with this news and honoured to be an authorized domain reseller during the pre-general availability phase.

The Long and Hard-fought Journey

DotMusic founder and CEO, Constantine Roussos, started petitioning to collect signatures for the development of a top-level domain for .music in 2005. The campaign was operated by Roussos Group, CGR E-commerce Ltd, a Cyprus based company. The campaign ran for more than a decade, gathering support from individuals, groups, as well as international institutions like JMI, representing the global music industry, to support the bid for the domain. Upon achieving t9he acquirement of the domain name extension, 1.5 million signatures had been collected.

The DotMusic application for ownership of the domain name registration was one among eight other companies that were contending. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) awarded the domain for .music to DotMusic ltd, defeating other bigger brands. The TLD extension for .music is the first of its kind and will become the first domain extension launched that will be assigned for music alone.

The domain will give you as a legitimate music creator, the rights to build and own your identity and brand online.

The domain .music will run under the category of other top-level domains such as .org, .edu and .com. That the domain was awarded to DotMusic, a community-based company, rather than a bigger commercial company, is a great achievement for the music community.

How will this Domain impact the Music Community?

The .music registry will ensure that domain name registrations are verified and safe and that everyone with a .music address has control/ownership over their music identity, without the fear of infringement, cybersquatting and piracy.

“This is a new digital era for the global music community. For the first time in internet history, music community members will be able to register their own exclusive, verified and trusted .music domain names,” says DotMusic founder and CEO Constantine Roussos.

DotMusic now holds the rights to sell domain name registrations to companies and organizations (like JMI) at a small profit. According to Roussos, they will be sold only to Music Community Member Associations (MCMAs) who will be re-sellers of music domains to their members worldwide. JMI as an MCMA is as such, authorized to re-sell domain registrations to its members during a pre-general availability phase (the point at which the software is ready for market consumption). As an artist, it is your right to distribute your content as you wish and having your own registered domain can guarantee this to a greater degree.

Our Commitment to the Music Community

For years, JM International has worked with youth across geographical, social, racial and economic divides, to make a difference through music.

We understand the role music plays in cultural and social development and as such, we aim to promote it and create greater access to music and culture for young people and children.

JMI currently has over 50 member organisations around the globe, conducting 40,000+ musical activities annually outreaching 6,000,000+ people and we look forward to offering unique .music domain names to our members and affiliates.

The .music Domain will be Launched in 2020

The .music domain is now a reality because of the support of the worldwide music community and we thank Constantine Roussos and his team for their hard work and persistence. We look forward to sharing more news about this with you soon.

Stay tuned!